Renowned for showpieces of splendid quality, Lvin Red rises from the ashes of a three-year hiatus to even greater fiery splendor. Having captivated audiences with aural candies in recent pasts, he dips deep into the jar once more and presents this delectable piece he aptly titles, ‘Battle’.
Many Lvin Red fans have unduly endured a protracted thirst due to his break. A trying period he spent battling and weathering some of life’s dreadful storms. He celebrates rediscovering his element and creative spark with this victory song. ‘Battle’ is best journaled as ‘Alternative Rock’, largely owing to its instrumentation, arrangement and progression which characterizes modern iterations of the genre.

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The emotionally immersive sound mixes coupled with emotive lyricism is guaranteed to leave audiences completely refreshed with pleasing awe. Being a warden of varying vocal talents, he sets his very best afore to the delight of many faithful and to the allure of converts.
Be generous to yourself and have a piece of this treat with no tricks. STREAM NOW, ENJOY and don’t forget to SHARE!