Producer, NLMGNM is immensely gifted with multiple talents in premium grades. An assertation firmly founded on a sterling repertoire of masterclass creations in varying disciplines of artistry. Enlisting his brilliance, he confidently steps out of his shell to mesmeric effect with his Pop masterpiece he calls ‘Pop’.

As a perfect extract from his upcoming EP, this single serves a delightful glimpse into the pending collection. The song embarks you on a three minute fun filled trip through a gallery of enchanting instrumentation and smooth soul soothing vocalizations. Technically, it is a well optimized blend, easy on the ear and full of verve.

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Pleasurably, ‘lolliPOPPISH’ to all listening ears. Both form and function of this joint dishes out lots substance to all the aforementioned superlatives.

Press play and have your share in this fun fair now. Keep reliving the experience with a tap of that ‘repeat’ button.