Blitz The Ambassador - JuJu Girl (


A mixture of the old and new Blitz the Ambassador gives to us and a dosage of classic. We brought to you the audio and video of his “Juju Girl”. We follow up with the lyrics so you can enjoy the song much better. Download the song down below and follow along with the lyrics.

Download Audio : Blitz The Ambassador – JuJu Girl

DJ scratches: “And it means love is death,
cos ever since I left.
Back home we say ɔdɔ yɛ wu 2x
(You and I till the day we die)
ɔdɔ yɛ wu”
I seen you across the room I swear, my heart just skipped a beat. All this magic you possess, your love has captured me. Someone broke your heart you said, well someone broke mine too. Maybe this could be the start, the start of something new.

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Cos it feels like gravity, when I’m around you baby.
Cos it feels like gravity, I can’t move on without you.
The more I push you away, the more I beg to stay.
The more that I try to say, my words get in the way.
Aye, Screaming out.
Juju Girl oh, don’t break your spell oh.
Juju Girl oh, don’t break your spell oh.
cos I need you just the way you are.
and I want your love so magical.
Just the way you dance,
Got me in a trance.
Oh me Oh me Oh my,
I never seen a girl wey dey look so fly.
the way you wind your waist make the boys go gaga.
Me I just chock wey I wedge make they scatter.
Then I step to you like, I never seen a goddess in the flesh till tonight, the way you put your juju on me oh.
Make me wanna spend forever with you oh.
so I walka, walka, walka, I take you go house.
All night long make the neighbors all shout.
Wake up in the morning chale where my baby dey?
The way my sunshine come turn to rainy day?
I conf like Tetteh Quashie traffic, cowry shells,
chicken bones girl its black magic. You take my heart
play chaskele, I’m looking for my love out here got me