INTRO (Bradez)
Put your hands up, Gh put your hands up,SenyoBeat
Put your hands up, Bradez put your hands up
Put your hands up, Ghana put your hands up
Bradez Its DBlack
i made it quite clear,We must change our attitude

Me de3 me do me Ghana Ghana Ghana Ghana
Ghana Ghana Ghana (3Times)
Red gold green blackstars we here

Holland atwa me aw) ama
berma m’akae me Ghana
Wo de3 hw3 s3 de3 Obama
di y3 a, na )b3fa ne vim w) Ghana
Aha daabiara y3 summer, aba
Ghana weather y3 kama
And the people no dey suffer
cos we’r living where peace
is better than dollar

Touch down kotoka
fresh girls on the streets like ko to fa
Bimma , Benzo all over
Small small boys cruising the corolla
Ade3 baako p3 na ha m’adwene
visitor no mom ba y3 bu no te s3 ohene
Mother Ghana, we go conquer
we go hold many greens(money) like hosanna


When we are united doors will be opened
United, money go be flowing
I am delighted Ghana is growing
With Kunta Kinte the truth willl be spoken
Colonialism shld be a lesson
Jah Jah live, so we shall be a blessing
Me do me Ghana, (Dr Nkrumah- our beloved country)
Blackman stand up and listen

For we are criticized, minimized
colonized and now realized
We need to arise, arise
and fight for our rights
Obiara ne maame nko, nso do no s3 wo y)nko,
3y3 odo na hia nso, obi b3ka s3 y3nko
op3 wo ab3hy3 wo so
3ny3 no nyina na3y3 nso, me deeeee3



VERSE 3- D-Black
I rep a big city, A double C R A
Im a north k gunner
The women pretty, G H A N A and i spelt Ghana
The capital is mine, yes
And I came with ma boys from Oseikrom
No lie, one people, one blood, and one love
Ain’t no wars here, see we blessed up from above
Im so proud, when I rep the red gold
the green in ma pocket and they call me D Black
See im so wild, When the women we hold
when their booty drops is a massive attack
The music so loud, when its bumping in ya speakers
don’t ask what it is,
That’s the hiplife heat
we get buckwild,yes
Somebody do you wrong
we take him to the streets
That’s where im from y’all
The love so big out here
we chill out here
Raised our kids out here
If u are a good man dawg
u will get blessed out here
U r on the land of the gold round here
Its real out here, see we so blessed out here
U should ask who are the kings round here
Bradez, Dblack we are the kings out here

See the land is golden
Love overdosen, open,
Often the African blueprint
Colourful moldens, Kente the clothing glowing
Moving, the city is growing,
Flowking, Stone and the Kuntaz….Bradez….Ghana….