Yes Lord
It’s Black Avenue Muzik baby

Verse 1
See everybody get in bad side / correct
and nobody here be perfect see I beg
I chok jus dey watch everything alert
I’m the son of the most high, you go regret
Friends double cross, but what u go fit do
cos a man is a man and that’s what he gon do
raised In a place where everybody humble
we always use please and end with thank u
When u see a friend thru, and that same hurt you
You stabbed in the back, and it left you that wound
man want kraze, but jah came through.
Opened up these gates and then I walked through
He had a plan for me, Ur own dey too
open up Ur heart and e go come true
Me y3 nyame ba, trust in the lordo
the devil is a liar, tweaa to ma tamfo

E be God wey dey bless me ey
Make you no dey hate
W’ashia me ne busuafou nyinaa a
I dey appreciate
Maybe your own dey chok for one corner, nti nya gyidie
Everyday dwin adwin pa ma wo brother, that’s the way

Verse 2
The Lord is my light and my salvation, I’ll never be afraid, never
I’m just one man, one life, one God
All the haters and the enemies dey guard
I give from the heart, I know I please God
And I aint perfect but I believe God
I been through it all, rock bottom, the peeps that held me will never be forgotten
Peace you like this, if you spite this, you hate on a brother then you say you righteous
Funny guys , your time go come too, try be winner whilst peeps dey doubt you
Forgive me father, I know I’ve sinned , but I’m a son of God, there’s no me without you

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Me y3 Nyame ba, nti na y3fr3 me nipa dasani
I’m a son of God yiee and that’s the reason I’m alive
Wa pagya me bebi oo and ode me to where I am now
So when I dey soar dey go , e be God eeii
Okyena e go be your turn eii, ob3 ma things to go take a turn yiee
Nti mensuro obiaa, ma wani so hw3 nyame ey

Repeat Chorus

When you’re down and you’ve lost all hope,
kneel down and humble yourself and talk to the Lord
Talk to him, open up your heart
Always have a clean heart, appreciate the people around you
DJ Breezy you’re a blessing, #BAM