I’m Back
Let’s Do This !!!
They call him the incredible , Mr Incredible MI Abaga ..Spinall Lets Go !!!

I been my grind
I been on my hustle
Oluwa is involved
Omo no be muscle
Haters gon hate,Olofofo gon discuss you
but sugbon won le damo
Oluwa Lo gat me
Started from the bottom now we at the top.
Hungry niggas watching trying to take the food we chop.
Haters trying bring me down shit will never stop
Sugbon won Lè damo Oluwa lo gat me

BYNO “Chorus” 2x
Now we making cheddar cox my Oluwa lo gat me
Haters keep on hating cox my Oluwa lo gat me
They want turn beggar but my Oluwa lo gat me o
Sugbon won Lè damo Oluwa lo gat me.

Look at my story the way that I came from nothing to these !
Before me and Spinall were rocking the parties and dropping this hits
I was just trying to shine
Back when I started to grind
I wasn’t the back of Line
Stopping Okada to climb
Off the Okada then into a Honda then I move to Gbagada
No matter the way that they hold me down I rise like Ofada.
Nobody listen to rapping before
I made them listen to grammar
They say money talk my money dey blow your money dey stammer

Back to Chorus 2x

Don’t let anyone pull you down
Tell them you gat this
Shouts to everyone grinding trying to change the hustle
I pray for strength so you can go from muscle to muscle.
And when you made it don’t forget the niggas who gat you.

My niggas they gat me
These haters are beefing
My niggas are fam, Fam is my people
My people are eating
Haters they putting my dish on fire
They burning my cable but there is plenty of food, Plenty to go round the table
CBN the team and Spinall the man
And Life is a hustle …try to get all that you can
Forget these critics
You are meant to be great.
My family gat me so me and these haters can never relate.

”Back To Chorus”
DJ SPINALL Yeahhhhhh
And they call me Byno
Èkelly Ekelly !!!