Dr Cryme - Testimony (Feat Stay Jay) (Viral Video)



Intro: Praise him…(Da General) Stay j j j style no 3ny3 ano(u Dont need to be told) …it is what it is

This be Ma Testi, Ma Testi, ma Testimony(mony)
All the things He has done for me (for me)
From Grace up to Glory (glory)
Me and ma boys we dey chop money(money)….
Ma Testi, ma Testi ma testimony(mony)
All the things He has done for me Now (for me)
Oya everybody Dance for me Now(for me)
Me and ma boys we dey chop chop money
So no more Waha Waha Wahala(waha waha waaala)
Halle Halle halleluuuu(Halle Halle hallelujah)…2x

#Verse 1 (Stay Jay)
Awurade meda woase oo (Oh o)
Hw€ adea woay€ ama me oo (Oh o)
M’ano mpo €ntumi €nka oo (Oh o)
Aseda na me de ma wo oo
Wablesse me, woancurse me
Woahyira me, wasorti me
Woabue kwan ato b€€bi a €kwan €nni
M€yi way€ daadaa
My God…..( u be omni_mi)
Nyame nti me gye m’ani
Atanfo ntumi di m’akyi
€dan ak€se€ m€sisi
Cars ahodo) a meretwitwi
My handsome God,my awesome God
My Lord my God,God of gods
Sizeless God my timeless God
God you be too much


#Verse 2 (D Cryme)
You too nice, to pay my price
I go dey serve you the days of ma life
Not by power or not by might
So about time ghetto youth realize
Nyame b€n koraa be wo a wonni size
Wahw3 me yie,aky3 me fie,aky3 me ride
Anka €nny€ wo a monhw€ Kwame Despite
Nti m€b) wo din na ma saa atua me tithe
Ma team Bad, we speed up
Twipop,everybody live large
Adom ne Nhyira ahy€ y3n ma
Masa eky€n €moo ne angwa
Sammy bra wae na aha wob€nya nkwa
l widdy widdy widdy widdy widdy,  aben nti me tibi, dibi dibi dibi
Metoo m’abodoo bi guu nsuo ani
Kwasi nti na me ma ho Testimony……


#Verse 3 (D Cryme)
Ephraim, I’m counting my blessings one by one (hallelujah)
Now I see what the Lord has done
(Nyame y€ d€ oo)
Mi I go shout on top of my lungs
(Prraam)Everybody put your hands up…..

From BaronWan to NanaWan, Slyper, Too Much Money, Coleman, Pages Ne Moski, Jibril, NatWan,(Prraamm) Shout Out to the mehn UnderWan…..


It’s Ephraim On the Beat,
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