Edem - Angels and Demons

The Volta Regime Music Group signed act Edem gives to us this crazy hiphip tune he titles “Angels & Demons“. He features Aime of this banger. We follow up with the lyrics as well. Download the audio below and sing along.

Download Audio : Edem – Angels & Demons (Feat Aime)


Hello hi rappers…


Mede mi suku,let me teach nusike miadome toadewo misr) hade o learn

Makplormi yide s)lime makor tsi k)koe dade tadzinya mi vampire go burn (Spits)

Medami dekadzi so they try to reach me,

I be the code they cant figure out Davinci

I no go die out,I no go fall,nusike gegege mona wontor yaenye woavitsi

Mese egorme alesi mewor vadode dziafo ya dekapuiya is a mystery

Mewu dekele vodka kple whisky mele nukudzinawo abe deha they are tipsy

Time to blow Monica Lewinsky, Rappers dey give blow job just to blow up

U got a problem with me lets fix it or put your pen to your pad ink eh

Nadoe dem maxle are u artistic so real I Picasso the art then u trace it

And even that u got it wrong erase it

mademi abodzokpo back to the basics

Rapper turn frank ocean on some gay shit,

lets face it fakeness be your potion

Charlie u wack so you feed on sabotage

but don’t fuck with vrmg roger that

Industry got a few angels more demons

Boys dey want make am to the top alone y you be semen

I dey for beast mode one man legion

Nyeme hovlige kple miadometo adeke o,no beefing u got that we aint ceasing

Midzi be miayito godo godo ne mi dogo

then you put on a fake smile lets take a photo

Mi miadokui o tem deto just to blow tho,

ne ameade tro megbe kemita avi be nukae na wodzo

If ebi true say wanna time is borrowed

nukatae medzi be yenorvi nakpor agbe bolo o

In the meantime,in between time,read between the lines and rhymes na define

Nenanya nyuie be we aint lying in due time

vivitime nuwo kata dzedzege wen the sunshine’s

Wooo I am sooo untouchable, Woo irreplaceable, Badmind to the left to the left

I am repping gh to the death to the death

,lets unite and reach higher heights

Stop the back stabbing and put down the knives,yikes

We dey Jab wanna body for likes