Verse 1
Got a friend called TJ, she’s a pretty baby
Waits for her man to come home and her father maybe
And she loves him crazy
Cuz he makes her happy
And the love is so strong you can’t understand it
Tasha wakes up everyday just thinking about him
If she had the choice she’ll never wake without him
Been together so long
This can never be wrong
And that’s why I am singing this song

Chorus 2x
Baby, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
For you, for you, For you, for you

You know I will do anything for you
I will climb that mountain for you
Baby, don’t you fear, I will be your lawyer
Don’t you fear, I will be your partner
You’re a man tall standing, that’s what you are
Iwo ni mo fe, baby, that’s what I want
Ɔdɔ yɛwu ei, woara na medɔ ei
No one can take your place
Repeat Chorus 2x
Verse 2
Me, I got a friend, her name is Benjy
She never sees Mael but she still loves him
Surprisingly, they were meant to be
This love is so, so definitely
I know you’ve been there before
Baby, times that you thought that it was so wrong
To do the things that you wanna do, because you love your man
Repeat Chorus 2x
Verse 3
Time and time, I try again
To understand what life’s within
This feeling that I can’t break through
The results, the results, is me leaving you
If it were easy, I would explain
The way I feel when you enter my membrane
My mind, my mind, and I can’t concentrate
And I say to myself, oh, what man is this?
You make me feel so unstable baby
And I react and I talk two two baby
And even when you’re not around, not around, baby
Your spirit keeps me so comfortable

Repeat Chorus