ired c3y

Aye, tell’em lil bois dem fi dey pon dem feet,
ya dun knw,
its an ired classic…

Ired! me pon me grind bwoy
Ired! All die be die u know 2x

Verse 1 Kobby Dope
Kobby Dope is coming, quick, dwane na
ko tet3//
you’ve prolly lost your mind, so mu, gye
torch na ko hwehw3//
if you think say you go fit, chock, go biz
Benk Money first// i no get match since last decades
cos i kill it, i used to be the shit and i still
i told them give me space like a
keyboard but the fill it// i told them i was hungry, my whole crew
breaking boundaries//
cos y3 y3 wo y3 peak (Nido) , mo no mo
nni milik//
With my four beads, im a horror beast, i
spoil there they want more of these// these niggas wana hold me back my
team fuck em up, orgy//
Three wors, Fire Burn Them, in the name
of Lord Je’//
Blood of Lord Jesus, and i touch a beat
and is// Murdered and burried, its scary the way i
go in,
and mercy is one word you would not
find in my dictionary
im like gagaga, three rappers lying
waiting to be burried// me and sedem burning tech city this
february// VIVA
Standing at the top, staring at the
yeah we getting famous, oh i think they
hate us//
yeah i got bread, matter of fact, iv got the bakery//
falling to the skyfrom the ground,
Heaven save us//
(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2 Viva
Kobby Dope, yeah we kinda dope//
im focused on the money with a freaking
telescope// Yall rats to a hawk,batman to the hulk//
im always on the street, you go tink i
dey hawk//
This is my season, no be Tinsel i dey
im running this game no dey tink say i dey jog
i hop on every beat you go tink say i be
the way the money come you go tink
say i be fraud//
I used to be the boy wey nobody want hear//
now i walk through the crowd now my
clothes dey want tear//
rappers looking at me, like hommie its
no who wanna test me, nobody want dare//

Verse 3 Sedem
233 original me dey upon this thing
Iman me eye red me cyan see a
lickle thing
Wey the bad minded a try
See the man dem and the woman dem a give me another bly
Aso me na go waste it
State a the nation so you know me
dey pan it
Original agwan and now me pan
the remix With the goons and the killa dem
you know you cyaana miss it
Straight outa me ribcage me heart
wey me a bring
So you see now we shining like a
championship ring This a me yard me a the king
Me going hard inna this thing
See the lickle bwoy them a try fi act
a fool
Coming through large them a
wonder a who Me name a donsedem call me sedie
me a cool
Me repping blinkz and the click
wey them call yb
So with the click and the clack, uno
stay still.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 4 Drilix
I am Beast!!! I am a Lion!!! every track I
devour.. Appetite is getting higher
getting hungry every hour Rap a lot
they call me Santa,Clause I’m high as a
tower no be ECG or summ’n.. Buh you
know I gotz the power .. UHHH!!! Why these fellas acting like they cradles
when they know I rock it
Mash up di place and then we own the
house again we lock it
Meners talking shitty Uhhh.. Dey G ma
nigga stop it I dey too much I got the sun in my
back pocket
Coo pon di bwuoy deh,dem too red
Smaddy tell dem say mi lyric hot dey
cyaan cool wid I Punches de3 I got it with the dopeness
I aint even trying
Evident you niggas dead meat now tell
me who’s to dine!!!
Try fi pull I down an tin.
Still man’a shine like Bling Flows too deep these haters sink
Becoming a god & so you shrink
The rap alien from mars
On the beat am leaving Scars
Try 2 test this fellas bars
Now am crushing all your balls

(repeat chorus)