Laurence - Look Ahead (Prod by Trojan & Shandy) (

Check Out : Laurence – Look Ahead (Prod By Trojan & Shandy)

As we look ahead
Still we coming in harder
The way we go 2x

Verse 1
Naturally I make it easy
Its a braindrain am busy
Writing lines Cookn beats
Dreaming notes and melodies
ChristuP Mentality
Making sure that its clever
Jesus flow is getting better
Matured spitting lyk an elder
Bang Bang Bang Open uP
Let Him in your heart Christ it uP
I hear you like an adlip
Saying saying yhh watever huuh
Lift me off my feet levitated
Next level rap elevated
So fly mine oo mine
Makes me wanna touch cloud 9

Verse 2
Chopping up dem demons nice
Pray to Jesus Christ twice
Third wish I wish for three more
Demons tryda hold me down
Wat I do is Christ it uP
To live is Christ and die is gain
Spiritual ain’t of the brain
Or the body as they all claim
Still stretching not outta reach
Love is what Jesus 
came to teach
Jesus Christ truth light way
Focus don’t sway away
Sins Down no vanity
Woke up to reality
Love consolidated
My flow so point calculated