M.anifest - Babylon Breakdown (GhanaNdwom.com)


M.anifest – Babylon Breakdown


Babylon Breakdown
Babylon Breakdown
Babylon Breakdown


Verse 1

Message to the messenger
Letter to the senator
Black military represent ‘for the ghetto youth
Dem we slew them
Pharisees and Babylon crew dem
Free education, this generation could use em
Shackles gotta lose ’em
The pigs got egos, gotta bruise ’em
A badge and a gun, try to confuse ’em
Diallo never run no gun, a wallet why they shoot him?
These are my lungs and my herb
Give me the freedom to abuse ’em
Jealous one’s envy
They wanna be in my shoes dem
It’s gruesome
Why do they wanna hate me simply cuz the sun rays kissed me?
Loved by women like Oprah Winfrey
You can’t diss
Mr. Officer What you stoppin’ me for?
I ain’t breakin’ the law
Just a rapper rappin on tour
Is my melanin medicine
The thing that you saw?
You stoppin’ me for too much speed
Or is it DWB?




Verse 2

Bring back the true and the raw
My people we at war
Inclusion is illusion
Confusion for black and poor
Bang ’em til it hurts no more
In the streets, disobey the law
Hit them hard till they’re scarred
Screaming “Oh oh oh my lord”
My people neglected, infected with shit with no cure
Press record, protest music straight from the vocal cords
Every week homicide, young bodies at the coroner
True-born leaders and the followers
Streets with the cameras
Action lights when the freaks come out at night
5-0 they always follow us
It’s bigger than music
Don’t confuse it
The radio might refuse it
Bigger than music
You should choose it or let the kids use it
I been through it
Passports no visas
Being so broke, having philly with no reefer
Babylon broken down
Man it’s so overrated
The shit is so hard
Way past constipated




I wanna see Babylon breakdown (breakdown)
M.anifest 4 Shades is the sound (4 Shades is the sound)
So raw to the core, African Underground (African Underground)
Twin Cities where I rest, big up, big up your chest (Big up your chest) (X2)


Chorus + OUTRO