i can never be,
to make me an angel i disagree
head down tripple h move pedigree.
i was chosen to re-write history
Forever stay free
maison can’t intimidate me
chasing what forever my dream
lately i can’t get a night sleep
day time but my eyes can’t see well
feed my soul to a grim than a female
i’m just trying to send Jesus an email
i beg u come get me out of this hell
Cuz my mama taught me
kaa ju , kaa ko k3 jey o no ni (don’t steal, dont take it if it ain’t yours)
shi jey okpo p3 y3 gnw3 ni naa sh)n nii (not only birds in the air have foresight)
so i hover in the air like otorni (beetle)

They ask why music i started
after paying that tuition for college
i laugh with my hand on my chichi(chest)
and i tell em that i’m way above average
And im sick too
link toxic on the blue bird
tell am charley we for cook a sick tune
he was like alright lets kick it
you make prepared? of course no biggy
Klu dey here and boy nash with it
we go lay this down in the monsta’s kitchen
La beat boy’s yeah the tracks we kill it
wo beat ewo fo tomo toe lo beefy(our beats are juicy just like goat meat)
My dad bought me a congo
when i was very little directed my path
now i’m all grown and i’ve mastered the art of music
and i think i’m the best quite far
i know they are gonna hate that statement
listen up cuz i’m making a statement
my mum is still ill
she can’t walk on her on own feet with no stick without hurting
i want to make her proud so i grind hard
cuz she’s an african woman with a good heart
and right now it’s a good start feed my fam with no juju or black art
It’s all good ….it’s all gravy
i thank God for the fans that rate me
am3 k3 naa mi e style erh am3 naa po (they say my style is unique)
kaa fo(Dont Cry) the Ga bwoy is doing great

we gonna eat i feel your pain after each heart beat
i finna work over time, grinding in my sleep
i’m worth a milli so my speech aint cheap
i’m gonna go hard for my team this year
if not for joy i’m shedding no tear
charley make u no fear
cuz modulo’s here
1 question ebe wet dream or nightmare.
i wanna live right for the boys in the hood
make them understand that theres a point in doing good
the streets of labadi now thats where i rep
all we know be charley wotey
no brand new creps
They claim they aint cut out for government work
cuz even when they try they get treated like dirt
stand there strong
my peeps
hustle hard
get cheese

Link to Audio – http://www.hulkshare.com/j6rm4wz5e328
Audio pruduced by Klumonsta
Music Motion Picture by Nana Kofi Asihene

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