Paedae (R2Bees)
Paedae (R2Bees)

Yea, Ok

Its real Early in the morning guess what am thinking,

Am thinking life is a bitch, lets get to drinking

Im drinking early in the morning, guess what am sipping,

im sipping on the titanic, thinking of sinking

So listen, middle finger to the little thinker,

Tell them we sitting on the upper terrace of the tallest building

Look nigga look look nigga

Real niggas are eating you a cook nigga

cook nigga good food for your thought nigga

no beef we dont even eat pork nigga , Fuck nigga

Bow down we in the mosque nigga

pray for you yea cos you a lost figure

Never crawled in your life but you wanna walk quicker

Talk that talk we only know you only talk bigger, low lifer

Gold digger let me paint you a cold picture

last week my very good friend was shot in the head

Po Po, accidentally or so we heard

One minute soo alive next minute he dead

Somebody cured his life long dream for street cred

I heard a black crow is a bad omen

and we’ve been threading on thin ice for a moment

So the moment i heard my friend was short i remembered the black crow i say

but why why was he chosen,

i guess God Knows better

Life is fragile you can never say never

play your position like inniesta

but remember they are people out there trying to black you out like nepa

but am unevaded, things are looking good and i stopped smoking

yea i thought i should my past back was paediac made rapper shoke my new bars mario puzo am tryna write a book

We still the realest nigga in the hood

i aint mister carter but soo misunderstood

tell a hater they aint got shit on a nigga

Keep sleeping on me still i’ll have my dream like martin luther

Once upon a time there lived this lyricist

who paint a pictures with the words he spits

People kept debating about who’s best but all i heard em say is am ma own nemesis

lean on me and my team will dream soo mean meaning the dream team is keen to be supreme

Like machines who work like crack feinds who trust in drugs

(Cant hear this line clearly, comment if you know what he said)

Only make merry(mary), I’m feeling like joseph

The venom of a viper does nothing to the shell of a tortoise so step back and backstab a bastard

God still the greatest Allah Hu Akhbar

There say think Big, am thinking Big Pun, i thought Biggie and turned a Big Man

am from a big fam (comment if you know the lyrics here) and expert the recipe a witchhunt

I had this gangsta friend with my street cred, ask me where he is, he is dead

so i try to preach these kid about what is best by rapping about God, Culture, Honor and respect

Am from Ghana and i know Karma and mistress in a manner that she played Nana yea like fixtures

Politrickster are all the same

like arteries trust me, there all in vein

But i dont care cos my destiny cannot be changed, it can only be delayed liked the schedules of an aeroplane nigga

Yeaaaa Nigga, I’m here with Killbeatzzz nigga