Cursum Perficio
What Else, uh!
Let go:
Meda w’ase Rap, ahaa!
You push me from the ghetto up to the pinnacle, I will never ever stop
Bought me a house got me a car survived on my nigga on the block
Now I’m taking over everybody move back cos I’m heading to the top (Yes)
And now I don’t give a f***k, what else
(Uh) Pull up in my s550
S3 wo hia me fr3 me manager I’m so busy
Started from the bottom and I got my boys with me
Manya cash me w) fees but I’m still skinny
Me flow no ampiti w) Ghana but I’m still greedy
Mali, Koutonou , Malawi straight to Las Gidi
Cash no aba me spendi holidays w) Figi
Adesa e be we don’t wanna f***k’n city
Fresh blood, midnight, Freddy Krueger
Darkness, Emily, head of medusa
Masons, don’t you ever call me a loser
Me rap no shorti p3 me shipi be w) Cuba
I’m about to release the beast so go gedem
They wanna take me but please don’t let them
(Uh huh) I say please don’t let them
Know sin, know God, know Heaven
Cursum Perficio, I’m bringing down my ego
We started from zero, you don’t know what we know
I killed myself so my wife is a widow
You wanna be like me spend the night on my pillow
Chainsaw massacre, the wrong turn saga
Jason, leatherface, bone crasher
Magnum, F Dane my top Shutter
We taking over cos this be the last supper
Fr3 me Makavelli, Ghana Rusell Simons
Dabiaa me y3 skinny cos I’m fighting with the demons
First no na me hustle, now I am a winner
Me di me maame ka cos me promise no dinner
Big ups to Kwame Sefa, KKD ne Bola
Rap no menn shorti cos dabia me use solar
Follow me w) Twitter, checki me resume
3womu s3 wo feeli me but me hug wo dia mey3 gay (Now!)
What Else!