Sarkodie - Original


I think you guys don’t understand one thing, you know
Am trying to be myself, I just wanna stay original
I spit in my own language
People think am limited, I don’t believe that
Am heading straight to the Grammies
Take it or leave it
Its obidi
Let’s go
Huh? F den
The beat is crazy Wow!!
Yeah! Huh. Yo tie
Hwe, obidi number one
Am the best mc from the getto
C9, cemetery don’t test me
No size, punch lines, wo voice eny3 aa next key
Nkorofo fiis3 ma gye juju
But obidi ebi God way edey bless me
Tema boy way back
Kanto na y3de y3 chill up
Ma hustle akye, everybody know say obidi be the one you for big up
25th, rapperholic na mufris3 it would never go full up
Nea wo de b3 qwene me ho save energy no na fa k) y3 wo sit up
Celebrate, champagne, I told you naggers to move back
womose me serve the devil, illuminati be no fact
Cut across afei dei me ndwom no Togo fo) ma me feed back
Na s3 won feel me aa , eny3 me fault
Me fans nim me way back
Ma me fans, meb3 s3 me spit na gyega ma me congrats
Obidi me level y3 turn up
Lawyers na 3read contract
To my fans if you know you love obidi me self I dey love you too
Rap no y3 cut no short, yeah that be what bosses do
I told you men, my name is S.A.R.K.O.D.I.E
Bidi, Ghana stand up
Taking over the world men
F dean crazy beat
Am going in again
Second verse , listen
Huh, tie
To my thugs in the getho
Tema boys, full vim
Wo fre me na number no ay3 yawa p3 mako akop3 new sim
For the love, for the hate, everything is bright or dim
Forgive me for my mistakes
I guess is me or them
Ma me mic,by the way
Rest in peace Goldie
All I do, I do it for the love
Success leaves you lonely
When am gone, mo b3 kai
At least I had an impact
Wo send me beat aa,
Me titi no na me de aa send wo back intact
Me ndwom no y3 bo no wo barber shop
But still aa wo b3 te no wo club
Ka kyer canibs s3 whats up
This be the African hip pop
Eny3 s3 ebia me big me self
But am the best anyway
Ewumom s3 me y3 obidi so
3ba no beef aa may3 ready any day
Just in case you dey rush
W’adwene ne s3 me bubu me shocks
You dey lie, wo try aa 3be ti w’ani so
Nti Charlie dnt f**k
Mo ankasa won check me level
Daabia new, I never dey repeat
Eny3 s3 menpe s3 me gogow
Me y3 allergic to defeat
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie
Make I flow
Obidi am ready for the show
Ansa na mo b3hu no na me k) ooo
Mop3 kasa dodo ma me dow
Ok, let me show you how we go
Na aden na wo y3m ahye, w’ahu ghost
This is to my naggers on the block
Papa yaw wo ne daddy boat
Ok mon fre me rapperholic
Men nom nsa nti mo ma me coke
Me y3 Tema boy Sika nni me ho koraa still refuse to be broke
This be my tears of joy
Enemies aa loose confi
Ya soma no still )nko3
Na 3kyere s3 negger no )nte
So, so real
Like its so real
Coming deep from the heart
You know am not pretending,
This is me, am used to the environment
You know, I used to listen to reggie rockston, obrafour, lord Kenya, okomfo) kwadea
Big inspiration
Thank you!