Stonebwoy - Envy (Prod. by Eyoh Soundboy) (
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Yeah man
You done know
Me No see No hater
And Me No see Who A Pree me
Cuz Almighty I is Greater
Hear that..
So me done tell dem say
A rise We a rise
And Weh dem A talk about
… So when dem a envy
and dem a Pree Mi
no see none a dem …
Eiii sound bwoy

Me Nuh reach yet
Dem a envy me
Like a book dem a study me
Fi me downfall dem a wish and pray
Standing tall I’m here to stay

Blind to them
I’m blind to them
Them cudda never see me and I cannot see them
Talk to them a bwoy talk to them
Cuz all dem a plan a go end up inna vain
Can’t touch the apple of Jah eye
Try Dem a try but a lie dem a lie
Dem fi know Me bless from birth till I die
Protected by ababa jahnoi Elshadi

If dem study me dem wudda never graduate
Me do me best me nuh care if dem appreciate
Because dem heart and soul is full of hate
A must be lucifer the whole a dem a emulate
Seek peace from within
Begin cut off dem dirty living
Give in to positivity leading
To a better life
Weh redeemed
My shine can’t dim o

Blakkcedi make dem know say we alright
Loyal people Deh pon we far right
Dem people weh a Gwaan like Pharisee
RIP by night
Because Darkness cudda never conquer light
And death cudda never conquer life
Me and dem can’t come collide
BHIMNATION pull and me see say dem a hide