Stonebwoy Burniton - Pull Up

Tun it up garzy tun it up
how riddim yah sweet so dat tune yah a go mad up d christmas and beyond. You no see it so..tell all d gyal dem fi come join up ei DJ(PULL UP)

Me say dat tune yah a Hit (pull up)
it slap weh pon every street(pull up)
every top gyal want it
a top upon Top me a give dem. dah one yah name (pulll up)

Garzy know,dat tune yah mad up
innadi gaza innadi gully it tun up
alliance, Hot turf dem a gimme thumb up
head concussion gwaan tell russian
a Ghana me born man a african bwoy
you see me and di gyal dem no bother as why
a me dem a rate me no lock off no bly(chance)
allow dem fi come get a ride
d riddim a bad bad bad not soft no easy
a go hard pon dem make dem get busy
necessary evil can’t refuse it
BooMBang)) inna di party ..


-It dey jorm it dey jorm me – (pidgin)
-3y3 me d3 3y3 wo d3 anaa- (twi)
-it dey jorm it dey be me. – (pidgin)
-AFRODANCEHALL papa bi nie

-Come inna me yaad, Buzz fi mi a whine
-dat song yah sweet like sugar cane wine
-easy now baby nuh broke dat spine
-make sure it nuh get outta line
-cah nuff Top gyal and bad gyal
-dem a rank dat song yah crutial
-it a beat dem bad like ritual
-a it a the dialy special
-run road run road me a run road
-my song dem mad outta road
-inna every nook and cranny bare gyal dem a want me
-cah me make dem catch up the cold.