MenzGold Ghana was affiliated to Swiss Global. But as businesses evolved, MenzGold Ghana and Swiss Global parted ways as their objectives for the said period were achieved.
Manasseh Azure, the so called investigative journalist, called some key members of the company yesterday for money so he will drop the news Swiss Global and MenzGold affiliation. The pivotal substance of this claim by Mannessh Azure is unfounded and unscrupulous.


Yes, MenzGold affiliated with Swiss Global at a point they partnered to stand on their feet. But that affiliation is no more because MenzGold objective for the affiliation was achieved. Even Universities that have gained prominence have once affiliated with another university.
Ghanaians might have deep respect for this ace journalist, but Manasseh Azure is a stomach investigative journalist. It is interesting to see what his finding will be. I will dispute this reportage and will dare Manasseh to tell the world such unmerited story.


Did Manasseh Azure think Management of MenzGold will kowtow to his dubious means of taking money? MenzGold is far above that. People like him, makes one wonder what is true journalism?.
Mannessh Azure should bury his head in shame and give Ghanaians a break.