mprez ody
mprez ody

Rising star Mprez Ody has officially inked a deal with the renowned record label, Changers Entertainment.

Mprez Ody is now signed to Acrra-Based record label, Changers Entertainment. Deal was brokered by their representative at Net Zone Pub (Formerly known as Dream Land) in Nugua – Accra on the 2nd of August, 2023.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in Mprez Ody’s musical journey, propelling her onto a larger stage and potentially opening doors to new and exciting opportunities.

Changer Entertainment Founded in 2022, known for its knack for identifying and nurturing raw talent, has once again proven its prowess by adding Mprez Ody to its roster. The label’s reputation for supporting artists in crafting their unique sound while providing a platform for creative expression aligns perfectly with Mprez Ody’s artistic vision.

The decision to join Changer Entertainment comes after a series of chart-topping releases from Mprez Ody, whose innovative blend of genres and heartfelt lyrics have been capturing the hearts of listeners across the nation.

In an interview with the CEO of Changer Entertainment, Mr. Albert Atsu Setordzi alias Mystical, explained that the signing of the artiste is in line with the vision of the company together with its subsidiaries which are to set benchmarks in Africa, set new trends worldwide and change the African narrative.

“We are extremely thrilled to welcome Mprez Ody to the Changer Entertainment family, Her artistry and dedication to their craft align perfectly with our vision of pushing boundaries and nurturing unique talent. We are confident that this collaboration will yield remarkable musical experiences and resonate deeply with listeners worldwide.”

Mprez Ody on the other hand has expressed her elation at joining the esteemed ranks of Changers Entertainment. The talented artist, known for his distinctive style and emotive compositions, couldn’t contain her excitement as she embarked on this promising new chapter.

mprez ody
mprez ody

Mprez Ody’s signing under Changer Entertainment is expected to herald a new era for both the artist and the label. Music enthusiasts and industry insiders are buzzing with anticipation, eager to witness the collaborative magic that is bound to ensue.

As Mprez Ody continues to evolve as an artist under the Changer Entertainment umbrella, fans can undoubtedly look forward to an exciting array of musical experiences that will shape the future of the industry. Mprez Ody is set to drop visual for her chart topping single ShuggaRefix under the Label

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