Naf Kassi - Odo Pa
Naf Kassi – Odo Pa

In the present drought of Ghanaian highlife music, Ghanaian artiste Naf Kassi’s new single, Odopa, is a very refreshing release.

Odopa is one of the few recent music releases that bring back the tunes of a once popular music genre, whose emergence is associated with that of a local African aristocracy during the colonial period.

“This song is the definition for authentic Ghanaian music,” says Jam Master, a highlife music lover in Ghana.

Odopa deals with the theme of love, the most popular theme in highlife music. It is a song that celebrates a romantic love: a lover sings of his appreciation for the true love he and his partner share, and makes a promise not to spoil the love.

Highlife music releases declined with the appearance of private broadcast media in Ghana in the 1990s and a strong influence from Western popular music.

These factors led to the emergence of a fusion of hip-hop, rap and local Ghanaian music, which has been christened hip-life. But, there have been a few brilliant highlife releases recently, and Odopa is certainly one of them.

Listen to Odopa by Naf Kassi and tell us your thought about the song