Nira - Clap Ghanaian-Netherlands songstress *Nira* known for her powerful voice goes hard unto the Ghanaian/Netherlands music scenes with her new song which she tilled ‘CLAP’

*Nira* who currently is based in The Hague city (DenHaag) in the Netherlands in an exclusively about her life, music and growing up said “Growing up for me I was always surrounded by music and creative people, and
always saw my grandfather and uncle play the piano fantastical, whiles my grandmother and aunts sang along”.

She added “I also learnt a lot from concerts and music festivals which my mother used to attend with her and the dance classes she encouraged me to enroll with which adding up the entrepreneurial and creative mentality from my dad and all the hip-life videos and Cd’s my dad used to play when i was a
little girl really influenced my kind of music now”.

Nira’s new single track ‘CLAP‘ is an Afro pop club track with a catchy patois rap, which will make you want to move and dance, this song is not as deep as her last hit ‘Look at me‘ but a light fun song with a wink to otherc
hit songs from other artists. This song was produced in Ghana by *Dikoder* and
the video was shot in Holland.

Nira is a graduate with a degree in fashion design and a degree for interior designer. After her last song release *Nira*already made it clear that she was working on other projects as well besides her music. In the meantime, she has started new ventures such as an interior decorating business, a clothing line and online shop called ‘By *Nira*‘ and a website called with typical Ghanaian recipes, pretty food
pictures along the recipes and nice information about Ghana.