O.H - Flashes of Hope (feat. Kobby Dope) (prod. by Sergio)
O.H – Flashes of Hope (feat. Kobby Dope) (prod. by Sergio)


This is a hip-hop track which emphasizes on hope. It is also the 3rd track after the popular hits “Medowo Abena” & “Love of My Life” of his upcoming Album and it is his first release in 2013. Although O.H as a hip-hop artist in Ghana has being known for releasing love tracks but with this, it is really off the chain and off the hook. Many describe this track as the real kind of hip-hop music the lovely hip-hop fans Africa have been waiting for. It contains metaphors, irony and accurate rhyme scheme which slowly build the idea of flashes of Hope.
Notwithstanding, Kobby dope as a rapper is 100% metaphorically inclined so you can imagine the kind of lines you that will be produced in his verses. On top of all, it was produced by the dopest and illest hip-hop beat monster and producer in Ghana; Sergio.
It is a song of hope, a song for deeper minds and you are about to witness history in the making.

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