Always with a ready smile and a somewhat bemused look on his face, Trix is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill musician.  Born on the 10th of May, 1988 as Kobe Ofei, this alternative music singer/rapper/composer/beat-maker with a law degree from KNUST and advertising credentials has musical ability as diverse as his talents.

With musical influences ranging from Mozart to Eminem, Trix is slowly and steadily beginning to make inroads into mainstream music in his short time in the industry’s underground circuit. Nurtured by the acclaimed schools of Alpha Beta, Faith Montessori School and Achimota School, Trix’s language of choice is predominantly English and focuses mainly on story telling but not at all sacrificing the use of poignant metaphors and rhyme style.

His first single “Gimme Gimme” was aired in the Big Brother house, following with songs like “Lovers Die Young” and “I Just Wanna” (off his third and second mixtapes respectively) were used as soundtracks for the latest installment of the “Adam’s Apples” series by Shirley Frimpong Manso.  Other songs such as “Why Men Cheat”, “Kurt Cobain” and “Clap Clap” command an almost cult-like following amongst those familiar with his brand of music.

Away from the bright lights of the stage, his backroom contribution to other artistes is hugely relevant. His portfolio includes a huge part in the grooming of budding superstar Lousika, the formation of the CUE record label and working with super-producer Peweezel of Atumpan’s “Small Girl” fame along with a host of other artistes and producers including Kuvie, Laxio, Kay-Ara, Andy Dosty and Kojo Cue to name a few.

Now with the release of singles “Tell Me Your Mind” and “Body of Raj”, Trix along with the talented producer Kuvie is looking to open a new chapter in Ghanaian music while still displaying his versatility. With catchy melodies and a drum line reminiscent of Euro-house music, Tell Me Your Mind falls in a genre of its own and has received wide acclaim from artistes, producers and fans alike.

Trix is currently under the management of PantomimesCreed, a talent management outfit, and is soon to release a new video called “Coming Back” starring Deborah Vanessa.