Reefer Tym & K.O.JPG
Reefer Tym & K.O.JPG

Ghanaian Afro-Pop Act Reefer Tym is in the news for being a victim of copyright as South African act K.O stole the beat to his song.

Released on April 8th, 2023, “Feeling For You” by Ghanaian act Reefer Tym has been topping charts both on streaming platforms and radio. The song has gone on to become a fan favorite topping numerous charts on local radio all in favor of the young chap.

5 months later on September 16th 2022, South African musician K.O. releases “Sete” with the exact same beat as Reefer Tym’s “Feeling For You.

This has raised an internet uproar as fans back Reefer Tym and lambast K.O. for the mishap.

Just like Reefer Tym’s Feeling For You, ‘Sete’ has gone on to break several records on radio, YouTube and a number of other digital streaming platforms.

“SETE sounds exactly the same as this joint 💀,” shared @gert_leninja in a widely shared post on Monday evening.

Reefer Tym then Quote Retweeted the post with a clip from Soulja Boy’s infamous Breakfast Club interview in which he claimed Drake had stolen one of his songs: “He copied my whole f*cken flow, word for word, bar for bar.”

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