In an era where Afrobeats music continues to cross borders, Double U Records is excited to highlight “Hustlin’,” the latest track from Ghana’s very own Afrobeats superstar, The Bizkit. Now making waves in Nashville, Tennessee, The Bizkit has introduced an extraordinary fusion of his diverse musical roots into the pulsating world of Afrobeats with this single, released fresh on July 28, 2023. The track is now available for streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

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“Hustlin'” offers a captivating preview of what followers can anticipate from The Bizkit’s upcoming EP, “BizUndastood”, due to be launched on his birthday, November 19, 2023. The single, skillfully put together by renowned Ghanaian producer Mix Master Garzy and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Loud City based in Seattle, WA, is an affirmation of The Bizkit’s groundbreaking mix of African beats, reggae fusion, and pop.

“Originally, I was engrossed in hip-hop and rapping. However, when I evolved into professional songwriting, I found myself gravitating towards singing,” reveals The Bizkit. “My unique sound fuses African melodies with the rhythm of Jamaican Reggae and Patois. It felt like Afrobeats was custom-made for me. It wasn’t that I choose Afrobeats, Afrobeats choose me.”

Born Dela Woollams, The Bizkit has already left an indelible mark on both the Ghanaian and international music scenes since launching his professional career as an indie artist in 2010. With the launch of “Hustlin'”, he continues to pioneer a new era in global music culture, proudly showcasing the ascent of Afrobeats in Music City, Nashville.

“I am convinced that Nashville is ready for the Afrobeats movement,” asserts The Bizkit. “With the city experiencing a surge in Afrobeats events, it’s evident that we’re part of a global musical evolution. Nashville is increasingly becoming a cultural melting pot, and I believe that Afrobeats has a huge potential market here.”

As the founder of Double U Records, The Bizkit is not just crafting his own musical journey but also reshaping the industry, bringing his unique blend of sounds to a global audience. His upcoming EP, “BizUndastood”, is set to be a strong testament to his growth as an artist and his contribution to the vibrant landscape of Afrobeats.

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Hailing from Ho, Ghana, The Bizkit is an Afrobeats singer and songwriter. He is recognized for his distinct blend of African melodies, reggae fusion, and pop, reflecting the unique pulse of urban Afro-culture. Since embarking on his professional career as an indie artist in 2010, he has released a series of hit singles, performed at major concerts in Ghana and abroad, and established himself as a trailblazer in the Afrobeats movement. His eagerly awaited EP, “BizUndastood”, is set to be released on his birthday, November 19, 2023.


Double U Records is an independent record label established by The Bizkit. The label is committed to promoting artists who embody a blend of diverse cultural and musical influences. Based in Nashville, TN, Double U Records aims to lead the evolution of the city’s music scene, championing the introduction and growth of Afrobeats in Music City. The label releases The Bizkit’s music, including his latest single “Hustlin'” and his eagerly anticipated EP, “BizUndastood”.