Knii Lante
Knii Lante

Award winning Ghana musician who doubles as a physician specialist has stated in a recent interview on Asaase Radio that, the division of fans is rather killing the Ghanaian music industry than helping in building it.

Knii Lante who has been very vocal on matters pertaining the growth of the music industry revealed that after critical observations, he thinks the fans who belong to one camp and never wants to see the others progress is a very big hurdle preventing Ghanaian music to be bigger than it is.
According to him, he made a tweet to congratulate Sarkodie on his feature on Bob Marley’s ‘Stir it up’ remake and the comments were heartbreaking. “I just go tweet to big up Sarkodie for putting us(Ghana) on and Chale! the backlash was crazy and a whole conversation generated from that …. I mean group of fans will come and say they no dey see what Sarkodie do and this person too says another and it was all messy”.

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Knii further explained “I mean these divisions into groups of fans and nations, I don’t know how it is helping us because we have taken it so seriously that Artiste A fans will not be tolerant to listen to Artiste B and vise versa.”

The ‘Baby take good care’ believes this is slowing the pace for which the entertainment industry is supposed to grow. It is rather preventing big investors into investing into the music industry. “We’re killing our attractiveness to the international recording industry by this thing we’re doing.”

Knii Lante however believes the entertainment pundits and other gatekeepers to the music industry can solve the problem. He says they should push unity, strength and oneness than trying to pitch artistes against each other.