jif The 3rd International Kidney Cancer Coalition Conference for organizations representing kidney cancer patients offers representatives from patient groups around the world, the opportunity to share best practices, exchange experiences and work together to improve the lives of kidney cancer patients wherever they live ended on Saturday, the 13th of April, 2013.

This year’s conference was held at the Beaumont Estate Hotel, Berkshire, old Windsor in London, United Kingdom. The annual conference had the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation from Ghana among reps from various countries such as India, Poland, UK, USA, South Africa, Ukraine, France, Australia, Canada etc. JIF was represented by the founder, Juliet Ibrahim, the director, Sonia Ibrahim and a delegation.

When we asked the sexiest actress about her experience in this year’s conference, she said she’s learnt a lot more from the doctors and other patient groups from around the world. And for the fact that this year again JIF was recognized for it good works in Ghana and West Africa in general, it awareness video was commended and the actress cum founder of JIF was asked to translate the lyrics into various languages for the European (non-English and non-French speaking countries) world to benefit from the message it preaches.

The representatives were all given a task to go back to the various countries and try as much as possible to convince their politician to create a hospital or a center of excellence for their patients back home and by so doing, it’s perceived to attract international help. “If we have good facilities people can easily walk to a hospital and demand a CT scan or MRI on their kidney and lungs without the fear of it costing so much” Miss Sonia added.


Story by: Yemoh Ike


The Juliet Ibrahim Foundation Reps Ghana Again At The International Kidney Cancer Coalition – Conference 2013