Masquerade parties have been popular for hundreds of years, and they continue to be a popular party theme today. This might be because people can hide their identity while partying a little too hard or just because it’s fun to see if your friends can guess your identity.

Masquerade parties are a great way to interact and socialize in a fun setting.

Let us create a glamorous evening with a masquerade party! Members will love to choose a mysterious look for the night, and we can complement their great masks with fabulous masquerade theme decorations!

I know you are so excited about the masquerade party; You just can’t wait.

Prepare for a night filled with laughter and attraction as you engage in light heated socializing.

Never experienced a Masquerade Party? You will never forget it. Come join us on the 27th of December 2014 inside Kahuna Club (Adabraka) and enjoy the Excitement, the Exhilaration and the Elegance of this year’s most magical party.

Rate is a cool Ghc20 comes with free Masquerade and free shots of Tequila.

Take nice pictures with your friends, wearing masks and keep the nice pictures as sweet memory of this special event.

This will be the only night you party as someone else…

Don’t Miss it for anything in the world.

Call 0244434069/0243223916 for more info.