For the past 4 years, EchoHouse has redefined beach parties and reintroduced vacation parties to a new height. Tidal Rave, the event of the vacation season has over the years found a way to give exciting experiences that all who have made it can share if a poll was being taken.

For the lovers who met at the beach front, this is just a memory you want to relive over and over again, the ones who got in shape and never looked back, 30th July, is a reminder that some things are worth it while those who have reunions have a place to live those memories that built us.

Tidal Rave has over the years, offered not only fun but an experience that last a lifetime. If it is performances that you look out for this, we have an interesting roster of artistes who will make the experience worth your while if it is music, the crème de la crème of DJs just know how to string you along with hit after hit. For the fun part, it is coming back in 10 fold and that’s very literal. Book a date and let’s party to the ends of the world.