US-Based Sierra Leone/Ghanaian Afrobeatz/Highlife Musician, Tigie, releases new promo photos ahead of his upcoming single “Y u Mad” under his New management Award Tour Music.

High-quality photos have long been the industry standard and anyone who doesn’t have them is falling behind. Matching sound to sight will effectively create the proper conditions for thought-provoking artistry. Mastering the art of promotion through high-quality photos among other key marketing items is a must for any musician.

Since music is a movable art which has distinct rhythm patterns that match the mood the artiste is trying to convey, Tigie basically also deemed it fit to have high quality pictures to promote the high resolution that he offers in his sound and also shows consumers and industry people he is worth other people investing their time in listening to his music or coming to see him perform.

However, generally speaking, the new colorful photos from the entertainer will serve many purposes for music and entertainment journalists beyond just being something to feast their eyes upon. The high quality photos will grab readers’ attention and can make more people inclined to check out a story when featured in an article, or used as a featured image.

Tigie, moves further to feed our eyes with these lovely traditional African Print but trendy fashion as part of social media engagements leading to the mega release of the New single.

See Photos below


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