Ghana’s music scene has witnessed a surge of fresh talent, and among the rising stars, Uncle Rich stands out as a music genius making waves with his gritty sound and authentic storytelling. Born with the real name Richmond Boamah, this Ghanaian musician has become a force to be reckoned with, blending authenticity, raw energy, and a unique style that sets him apart in the industry.


Uncle Rich’s journey in the world of music began professionally in 2020, his music diversity and composition prowess stem from the variety of good music he was exposed to as a child.


Due to that experience during childhood, he has developed a wide range of musical tastes from traditional Ghanaian rhythms to global hip-hop and drill music. This eclectic mix became the foundation for Uncle Rich’s distinctive musical style. Which has nurtured him to become an accomplished songwriter, producer and composer.


The singer and songwriter born to Mr Edward Boamah and Mrs Joyce Oteng, is gifted with a distinctive musical style that combines afrobeat and rap to enthral and fascinate listeners whenever his record is played.


Uncle Rich’s first love has always been music ever since he was a child. He officially launched his music career in 2020. Uncle Rich’s discography is steadily expanding, with standout tracks like ‘Shiver’ released in 2021, then followed with ‘Best Friends’,’Donkomi’ ‘5 am in Dubai’ and dropped ‘4lyf’ and his first EP, ‘Love & Harmonies’, five music videos. And the recent collaboration “Donkomi” featuring Medikal and Tulenkey. Each release showcases his evolution as an artist and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of Ghanaian drill music.


While Ghana has a rich history of diverse musical genres, the emergence of drill music has added a new dimension to the country’s soundscape. Uncle Rich has been at the forefront of this movement, infusing his tracks with the gritty, unapologetic energy characteristic of drill. His ability to blend the authenticity of his experiences with the drill sound has garnered him recognition and a growing fanbase.


Uncle Rich is not just a rapper; he’s a storyteller. His lyrics paint vivid pictures of life in the streets, capturing the challenges, triumphs, and nuances of the Ghanaian experience. His storytelling prowess, coupled with a commanding delivery, has resonated with fans who appreciate the raw, unfiltered narratives embedded in his music.

Beyond the beats and lyrics, Uncle Rich has created a movement that resonates with the youth. His impact goes beyond the charts; it’s felt in the streets, where his music serves as an anthem for those who often go unheard. The artist’s social media presence @Unclerichmusic provides a glimpse into his life, allowing fans to connect with the man behind the music.


In the age of social media, Uncle Rich has effectively leveraged platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to connect with his audience. His profiles provide glimpses into his creative process, backstage moments, and the real-life experiences that inspire his music.


In a landscape where artists are constantly evolving, Uncle Rich stands out as a beacon of originality, elevating Ghanaian drill music to new heights. As he navigates the intersections of tradition and modernity, Uncle Rich is undoubtedly a name to watch, a musician whose journey is unfolding as a vibrant chapter in the story of Ghanaian music.

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