Ghanaian artist Yeaboi recently dropped a captivating new song titled “Ungrateful,” featuring the talented singer Kurl Songx. Produced by Tubhanimuzik, this song delves into the theme of betrayal and ungratefulness in a relationship.

Yeaboi’s lyrics convey the disappointment he feels towards a woman who fails to appreciate his efforts and rejects his apology. “Ungrateful” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of gratitude and appreciation in any relationship.

Yeaboi narrates the story of a woman who fails to acknowledge his efforts and sacrifices. He highlights the moments when he went above and beyond to make her happy, only to be met with indifference and disregard. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Yeaboi’s disappointment as he realizes that his love and kindness were not valued or reciprocated.

“Ungrateful” by Yeaboi featuring Kurl Songx is a powerful song that explores the emotions associated with ungratefulness in a relationship. Through heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, Yeaboi delivers a message about the importance of gratitude, appreciation, and forgiveness.

The song encourages listeners to reflect on their own relationships and strive to be grateful for the love and efforts of their partners. With its relatable theme and catchy tunes, “Ungrateful” is sure to resonate with audiences and cement Yeaboi’s status as a talented artist in the Ghanaian music industry. Check out the song below


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