Wakayna - Skolom
Wakayna – Skolom


For many musicians, Christmas is always a good time to drop something new and Afrobeats artiste, Francis Dogbey known by the stage name, Wakayna has done that with the release of a single, Skolom.

Dropping a song for Christmas has perhaps become a ritual for Wakayna who announced his presence with his debut Africa Nice in 2019.
Since then, the artiste who has a decent following continues to shower listeners with a song every December and hopes Skolom, which came out on Thursday, December 7th will be a good jam this Christmas.

Rendered in an Afrobeats vein, Skolom tells listeners the love story of a young man professing his unconditional affection for his love interest.

For him, using sweet words to woo the lady is a genuine gesture of his true feelings for her but not to ‘hit and run’ since he has fallen deeply in love with her.

Skolom is about love which is a very common subject for musicians to sing about. However, Wakayna believes the song produced by himself and mixed and mastered by Posigee, shares a deeper message of love.

He says, “For many people, love has become a common four letter word but for me, nothing beats love. And the bond of love is more valuable when shared between two people who appreciate and adore each other.

“Christmas is a season of love so with Skolom, I want people to appreciate their partners, for the young men who want to grab, they should be bold about their moves”, he said.

Wakayna announced his presence in December 2019 with Africa Nice, getting considerable attention with his craft.

However, in 2020, the outbreak of Corona virus dealt a heavy blow to his blossoming career. That notwithstanding, he dropped some songs such as Never Give Up, Bob Marley and Black Lives Matter featuring Don Husky.

In January this year, he released the video of Craze Mad which caught on well and he is very confident Skolom will further his gains on the music scene.



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