bossu!!! Yh abi the bossu (oh charley)

(collegeboiMusic) benkmoni mey3 bossu!!!

(w0yam ahyew meboa) oh Charlie mey3 bossu!!!

Abi the



So they wanna try me huh!! But abi too baad

Every eye on me they got me feeling like abi 2pac

Who else go fi do that

Abi young smart and fly cuff your chick ago fi do her

You dey watch me blowup as3 ow) Iraq

And as adey grow up more vim how would I slack

Ebi like say.. wonna time this

We go relax and we go talk trash but we go still hit

We dey make cash and blow much don’t ask why we still rich

There still is a best boy in the game

And if you’ve heard this song you go probably knw ma name

Joo I am benkmoni that be ma claim to fame

And I like only gals especially “Notre Dames”

From where I came to be here is a miracle

They be asking me am I the most incredible

That one you for biss MI the most incredible

Mekeka ns3m bom ma no y3 remarkable

If you make I vex no stress m’3ma mark abo wo

Am going hard on em no homo tho

Am too bad for em bisa K.O JO

Joo (jooooo) c ox we knw that they knw that we don’t need no intro

Cox we soo such an amazing people

We dey on screen you dey see through a peep whole

No room for lames lines but you go fi peep tho!!

Abi guy guy and so

Fa wo hating no fri meso (joo)

Am gettin bigger player

Adey ball all day like a soccer player

Adey walk on yall like the upper layer

and your time be now say a shorter prayer (say a shorter prayer)

And joo  ano bi killer but as if killbeats be ma nigga adey kill every beat ago see on ma radar

Charlie sheen adey win pussy bi what ago favour (nigga)

And I feel like am killing this

Leave a mark on em niggas mk em reminisce

Of who I iss and what they missin

When I come around shout your mouth and listen

Close your eyes and picture me on top of the world

Nah wait a second picture me there with yo girl

Now how that feel?

Benkmoni I make em niggas real

they trying soo hard not getting better still

Am soo clean fr3 me stainless steel

And ma flow soo sick I need every pill

Niggas wish they could but they can never kill me

Cuff yo chick when I pass joo am benkmoooni

They were searchin for the best and so they found me

Adey kill young boys like am hiv


bossu!!!  Yh abi yh bossu!!!!!