Intro: Stone & Benk

Benkmoni, bradez oh charliee (azee is on the beat)


Chorus: Deon

Omo y3 gidi gidi gidi no line (oh cha)

Y3 y3 fili fili fili no lies (oh charlie)

s3 wofili fili fili me aa (benkmoni)

Put your hands in the sky say hi  (2x)


Rap: Benkmoni

You go fi try and try but don’t test me

Adey flow waa I never go be thirsty

ago nyam your girlfriend 3ne ne bestie

this song be rush how you fi impress me

me wo cuppa ne puchlines

me teaamu ”OH CHARLIE” 3b3 shatta mo best lines

mo best emcee no m3 yawa no more times

too many bars gyea ka na more rhymes

3y3 aa NYANKOPON tumi pata me sometimes

But sometimes ose me ba serve me hotlines

Na wokum apem a apem b3ba wo flow y3 porcupine

Me verses y3 chaw ky3n KING SOLOMON concubines

Now when I step up na omo feeli pressure

They putting down measures p3s3 omo ma me pressure

But am married to the game only I can undress her

No matter how you hate ma verses go impress ya (YHB0I)


Chorus: Deon 2x

Hook: Benkmoni

Omo rushe but kenken kwa (y3nko) 3x

Me flow baa b3te moso pentenkwa


Rap: Stone (Bradez)

Ya relaxe wo y3 car mu na y3 bashe

Wossop bradez y3 smashe

More doe in the bank y3 cashe

Adi yi 8 good hit years na y3 hy33 ase

Denim shirt designer poppe

Me shorts k3k3 b3t) bomso asaase

Facebook paddy mentumi ncharti

Stone’s online na girls yi rushi

Medi mefie as3m nti mey3 “IDONTCARE”

Me rap Eminem nkoaa na mede compare

Woka meho as3n onya me anka omp3

De3 owo ani na 3hu s3 mehy3 ahenky3



Now how you aint gonna let me pass

Me swag no so ky3n girl bi nyass

Adey fast lane anogo stop to get gas

Abi admin boy but am in love with arts

Hw3 y3 sei ho me ne Ghana flowking

S3 wonka y3 ho de3 aa joo u missing

You wish I flop!!! What the hell are you thinking?

Am a king home and overseas my hobby go be fishing

Chorus: Deon

Hook: Benkmoni


Outro: Benkmoni

Yh benkmoni

Check bradez hw3 oh charlieee

Omo rushe bt kenken kwa, omo rushi bt keken kwa

Me flow baab3 te moso pentenkwa (oh charlieee)

Written by: Benkmoni and Stone (bradez)

Produced by: Azee

Mixed by: Peeweezel