We know you have heard the rumours, but you need to experience it first hand to see how epic this Christmas Vacation Travel really is. We are off to the Eastern banks of the Volta Lake.

The best location (Sogakope), the exact spot and a perfect timing (Boxing Day). CrossOva (Season III) is here.

On Thursday 26th December,2013, look beyond Accra to an exciting place with stylish and amazing deals.

Grab a GhC30 travel ticket which comes with a free drink on the bus to meet your “Secret  Seat-Mate” and join in the bus-ride fun, the adventure, sight-seeing, luxury boat cruise/jet skiing, the bikini-contest by our ‘Face Of Tertiary’ beauty pageants and all the On-site action.

Contact your campus reps or our Customer Service Department on 0266677778/0248737333.

It’s CrossOva (Season III). We have the location,now come with an expectation.