This song is for MEN, not for a MAN!!
And Good Deeds shall never be forgotten!!
Whether Alive or Dead My Name Shall ForEver remain!!
Member this!!!



Mi hear d rifle a beat
can’t see who  Do it
the police or the soldier
nor the robber or the thief
what a drum beat
it step Pon a nerve
and make a brave heart skip
a beat
(Hear me now)
its not a play day
this is a pay day
unu better make hey
yen b3 y3 dey dey
focus like a lens no listen to no hear say
work up Unu muscle fi the ranks



Live like a warrior        (2x)
And die like a soldier
This is the battle of the fittest
Live like a warrior
And die like a soldier
The race is not for the swift





Big Up
Kwame Nkrumah
Nelson Azumah
Yaa Asanteewa
madiba Mandela
Patrice Lumumba
Muama gadafi
Okomfour anokye
Robert Mugabe
Marcus Garvey
Julius Nyerere
Rawlings JJ
sekou Toure
Yes bob Marley
Shaka Zulu
haile Selasi bless the King



As a real warrior
Me nuh chat like girl
Nor diss another Souljah
Pon di bukkle field me dey deh
Till the war is over
stand for what is mine so me nah go stumble over
inna me lane me play my role and me praise JAHover
after all is said and done
one thing is very sure
the legacies u’ve won
and did you get dem very pure
I respect all a di herbalist and burn man wey “cure”-( one who takes drugs)
ah d Burniton mi dash it and dat one yah very raw.



At the end of the day !!
Good name is better than Riches !!
And 1 life of TRUTH is worth more than 9 lives of LIES!!
You better know which is!!
Big up the ancestors



Patois — UNU
English — YOU