M.anifest – No Long Talk (Prod. by MikeMillzOnEm)
M.anifest – No Long Talk (Prod. by MikeMillzOnEm)

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M.anifest – No Long Talk (Prod. by MikeMillzOnEm) [Download]

Introlude [Mr T] Yes that’s my son
And indeed he’s taken to music…
And I’m very proud of that because I wish I had those kinds of creative skills…
The lyrics are tremendous

Allow me to recap, what has happened thus far
Mama I’m a rapstar, I got Allahu akbars
My ambition and drive is a luxury ride
Your own be konko car, you taking shots? bongo bar
I dey fit to shock but trolling is mandatory
How am I the laughing stock, who’s taking inventory?

But I never worry
Cause it’s been some years since I been here and no one in my category
Let’s not prolong I’ve been a pro for so long
Legacy a snitch and I feel like I’ve been told on
Tally up the total immaculate are these vocals
I’m accurate when I’m vocal I turn the local global
Interesting I’m not suggesting thatI’m never resting
I’ll sleep when I’m dead alive and I’m manifesting
A scribe when I inscribe iIcome alive on ig live
YoU know me, low key, move clandestine

5g to a two plus
Still rep my hood no dey talk about the ku klux
You gon get this work, remix yeah the new lux
We lost our compass but they still couldn’t rule us
The lockdown has put a padlock on any new love
But by early may ella mai I might be boo’d up
Nip tuck go operation on any sick pup
By june diɛ all wanna fears go be zipped up
Even off the top they cannot top us
Don’t compare me to wave-hoppers and name-droppers
Search thru the rubble the game needs a remodel
Dem no be rappers dem be IG model
The game is a brothel everybody want chop
In other words there’s always somebody in it that’s getting fucked
Ehe… in other words there’s always somebody getting…

M.anifest – No Long Talk (Prod. by MikeMillzOnEm) [Download]
From twists to locks now I’m back to the baldie
Crown prince of Saudi my kingdom can’t Ignore me
My voice on many beats having beautiful orgies
For your viewing pleasure i’ll gladly give you floor seats
Road kinda roff ɛbɛ weaki wo shocks
Till you binge on remorse, thoughts blacker than the moors
And a rolling stone gathers no randy moss
And my name hall of fame my account offshore, for sure
My GPS dey trip so I detour

When I come competition split like a divorce
I gave you all of me, u still need more?
Ebei ok now I’ll swim vertical like a seahorse
In the belly of the beast with my nice claws
I hit em up Machiavelli with my outlaws
If you think my story self-righteous
Okay my guy, you be guy, you can right yours
And of course Ghana we dey

Everybody dig for gold, economy galamsey
Not literally per sey and the bias does appear
Just because we no dey talk no dey mean we no dey hear
They want to undermine me on their talk shows
A bunch of swines so I dey guess this is a pork show
No more mr nice guy chale the door closed
Stay with me, the beat filthy like a whore’s clothes
All semen, it’s seeming i got a tongue of a seamen
So many bars I stand behind on remand

High in demand, ɔmo nhuu rapper ɔyɛ dapper ah otimi bɔ band
If it’s truth then e no be rosh
I chok sipping cognac or maybe scotch on the rocks
Sheep that fancy themselves a fox
Keep their face in pussy so much they can’t think out of the box