Scrach Fyah
Scrach Fyah

Ghanaian female rapper, Scrach Fyah, has come forward to address the ongoing lyrical feud with fellow artist Eno Barony. While the artist has expressed an openness to reconciliation and harmony, he asserts that the lyrical beef between them remains intact.

The statement by Scratch Fyah who was formally called Baby Scrach aka Agona Queenmother comes as a shock to fans and the music industry alike, as the two artists have been embroiled in a battle of words that has captivated audiences for some time. The lyrical feud, characterized by fiery diss tracks and intense wordplay, has showcased the artists’ creativity and lyrical prowess.

However, in a recent interview on Kasahare level on Adom FM with Don Itchy, Scrach Fyah stated, “We are cool on a personal level, but when it comes to the music, our lyrical beef still stands. It’s all part of the hip-hop culture and artistry. This isn’t about personal animosity; it’s about pushing the boundaries of our craft.”

Scrach Fyah’s perspective on the situation introduces a nuanced layer to the ongoing saga. While the artists may have a friendly rapport offstage, their commitment to their artistic expressions seems unwavering. Fans are left wondering how this duality will impact their future collaborations and interactions.

Eno Barony has yet to respond to Scrach Fyah’s statement, leaving anticipation in the air as to how she will react to this revelation. Will she accept the status quo of their lyrical rivalry or choose to pivot towards a more harmonious approach? The music world eagerly awaits her response.

The music industry is no stranger to lyrical feuds that have shaped its history, with iconic rivalries often adding to the allure and intrigue of artists’ careers. Scrach Fyah and Eno Barony’s ongoing lyrical battle seems poised to become another chapter in this storied tradition.

Born Belinda Kyeiwaa Asomani, Scrach Fyah has unveiled her latest comeback track titled ‘Outside’, featuring Kojo Nitro marking what she describes as the dawn of a fresh chapter in her musical journey.

As the world watches and speculates on the next move of these two exceptional artists, one thing remains certain: the hip-hop community will continue to be enthralled by the lyrical sparks flying between Scrach Faya and Eno Barony.


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