Lumidmr spotted on Youtube’s Top 100 influencers


Joseph Luminary Adzrago, who has distinguished himself in all fields of his endeavor is giving another joy to his fans again. The Artist, Songwriter, Philanthropist and an influencer has been selected as part of the top 100 influencer YouTubers sorted by subscriber growth, a mark many dream to accomplish. This goes to substantiate the fact that the artist has known no sleep or rest when it comes to doing what he loves.

Luminary who is the first Ghanaian ECOWAS Youth Ambassador as honored by the ECOWAS Youth council is poised to do even more in terms of causing the needed change in and outside the music industry. It is therefore not surprising that his recognition as an ECOWAS Youth Ambassador came when the organizers were convinced that he has been extremely hardworking as far as producing quality sound is concerned and as well as causing an amazing influence among the youth across west African and Ghana specifically.

The founder of DMR records as part of his numerous Philanthropic contributions and dedication to humanity, saw him partnering with Joy Prime during the difficult moments of the Covid-19 pandemic to donate items to the needy. An act many have praised vehemently.

With all these enviable contributions to society in view, his current achievement is but a tip of the iceberg. He has demonstrated to the world and to Ghana in particular that he is ready to make his presence felt not only through beautiful music or sound but equally via outstanding leadership.