Known by many as a passionate and a dedicated gospel musician, P. O. Kwabena Donkor as he was formerly known in the music industry has rebranded and will be known as KDM. A name he says will match up with the new level of greatness and energy he is bringing on board. KDM who has an enviable fan base across the country and Western Region specifically is bent on ensuring that his ministry lives up to the test of time. This he believes is important if the propagation of the gospel is to reach the younger generation.
It is worth noting that the prefix to his former name P. O (Petty Officer class 1) is a representation of his rank in the navy thus, his birth name is Kwabena Donkor.

The gospel musician who doubles as military personnel with the Western Naval Command of the Ghana Navy(Takoradi) has made it clear that his rebranding has been necessitated due to the fact that his ministry will inculcate urban gospel music and Philanthropic activities across the country, thereby doing more than just Adventist gospel. Thus, there is a need to ensure a branding that is perpetual and evolving. To further paint the picture crystal, he used the scenario of Abram who became Abraham to explain that his rebranding and change of name is for better and greater things for God through outstanding gospel music.

KDM already has to his credit two albums and seven singles which feature some of Ghanaian’s celebrated gospel artists like Joyce Blessing. ‘Kaykeyre no’ and ‘Me nim wo’ are the names of his two adored albums. He has equally performed at various prestigious programs across the country. The diligent musician equally has to his name several awards, recent among them is the just ended Rooftop pub(NKZ music) award, which recognized him as the gospel artist of the year, songwriter of the year 2021 and he equally won the gospel song of the year.

The works of KDM over the last 6years are evidence of the fact that he is outstandingly talented, hardworking, and passionate.
On several occasions, he has laid emphasis on the need to be dedicated, passionate and focused in life. Obviously, he does take his own advice into consideration.

Speaking with GhanaNdwom on his rebranding and name change, the hard-working gospel musician said,
“Our heavenly Father is the God of life, the One who can resurrect what is dead. He is also the one who changes destinies. As children of God, we no longer have to bear the scars of the past, we can look to the future with hope.

Nowadays we do not really identify with the meaning of our names. Most of the time, our parents chose our name because it sounded nice with our last name, or because they wanted to honor one of our ancestors. But in the Old Testament, names were bearers of the person’s identity. This is why God took care to change the name of Abram (high father) to Abraham (father of multitudes) after promising him a lot of descendants (Genesis 17:5). His wife also had her name changed from Sarai (quarrelsome) to Sara (Princess) (Genesis 17:15). In the New Testament, Jesus changed the name of Simon (who hears) to that of Cephas (which means stone) (John 1:42). He went from the guy who gets told what to do to the one that is so strong in his convictions that he can hold the whole church!”

When next you see the anointed musician on stage, remember it’s now KDM.