Richie Rich - Nsoroma (Feat. Wutah Afriyie) (Official Video)


Watch the official music video for Nsoroma performed by Richie Rich. The soundtrack features Wutah Afriyie.

Whilst going to pick a musician friend (Wutah Afriyie) from his residence to perform in a pub, Richie rich spotted a girl (Aisha) washing on the compound of the main house. The beauty of the lady caught the eyes of Richie Rich and he couldn’t stop looking. The friend was picked and he drove off.

The traffic lights were not working because of DUMSOR and the police was in charge of the traffic. When he drove near the dead traffic lights, the police raised his hand to stop the cars from his side of the road. Before they got to the traffic, Wutah his friend had dozed off. Richie stopped at the command of the police and bowed his head on the Steer and started reflecting on the lady he had earlier seen in his friend’s house. What will you do if you are the police directing the traffic after you find out the gentleman is sleeping? Watch this exciting music Clip and share with us your experience.